Tuesday, March 31, 2015

What does this mean to you?

From the Desk of Fashionably Late:

Throughout high school and college, one question I've noticed that was repeated multiple times was what does this mean to you?

Teachers and professors obviously say it to encourage deeper thinking, but I've come to a conclusion.

Not everything has a meaning.

Sometimes the meaning is just to be beautiful.  Sure, artists try to tackle complex things in life to convey to the public through a piece of art, but some artists just create beautiful things for the sake of it being beautiful.  Sometimes, the meaning is just for fun, like books that aren't trying to accomplish complex themes, illusions, or metaphors and just want the reader to simply enjoy reading.

This concept was never really brought up because everything discussed in a school setting normally has these literary themes and stuff, which leads me to believe that most people after academia don't enjoy reading because schools forced people to read books they didn't want to.

I love reading and writing, so just because I didn't enjoy a book in school didn't mean it made me hate to read.  I was one of the lucky few.

Food for thought.

This was on Pinterest, and it's true--I can't skip my nightly reading because its improving my vocabulary and my brain!

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