Wednesday, March 11, 2015


I'm in the crafting mood.
I'm a sorority girl, so you could say it's just a natural instinct.  It's in my blood to want to bedazzle and create.  These are some of my latest favorite Pinterest crafts:

My sister is wanting me to do this for her 21st birthday. It's hard work, but it's a labor of love that I'd do for her.
Clip boards are boring without gems and pearls.
Take a plain silver thumb tack and hot glue vintage buttons.  You'll have the cutest cork board.
Take a coffee mug and a sharpie.  Doodle whatever your heart desires.
I love this paper garland. 
I made this over the summer with the girls that I nannied.
Hot glue cats eye marbles to a mason jar, and put a flameless candle inside.
Turn off the lights and be amazed! 
I can't wait to start a map with photos of the places I've traveled with my fiance.
I bet it looks awesome when it's completely covered.
Popsicle sticks glued to look like pallets make creative coasters.

Happy crafting.
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